October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween.

No matter how old I get, I still crave watching It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown around Halloween. It reminds me of my childhood...cartoons, candy and not a care in the world.

We'll be home tonight handing out candy while Charlie Brown plays in the background...

Have a Happy Halloween.

October 30, 2008

Life With Brooks.

For those of you who know me {in real life} know how much I adore my french bulldog, Brooks. He was our first "baby" and will always be a special part of our family.

His days consist of sleeping in our bed as long as he wants, going outside for some sun, and then sleeping the rest of the day until J. comes home from work and plays with him. He then eats dinner, gets a walk, and sleeps a little more on the couch. His life is perfect.

I'm getting really worried about how he'll handle an actual baby in the house...

Here is a picture of Brooks a few years ago for Halloween. I dressed him up as a witch. I made a deal with him that I wouldn't put him in a costume this year, as long as he is good when the door bell rings constantly with trick or treaters...here's hoping.

October 28, 2008

4 of 4

Keri tagged me to post the 4th picture in my 4th folder. I'm so glad she did because I really like my hair that length and I'm going to try to get it back there {I got it cut last week and I'm having haircut remorse...too many layers}.

This was taken in 2005 at the Phoenician Resort by the pool with my nephew Diego. He has grown so much in the last 3 years...he looks so little here. J and I had just got married and were fresh back from our honeymoon.

Thanks Keri...I hadn't looked in this folder for a while.

October 27, 2008

A Touching Tribute.

Many of you remember reading this post back in August about one of my favorite bloggers and her husband being in a plane crash. They are still recovering and on Saturday night J. and I attended the most touching concert to benefit the family of Doug Kinneard, the flight instructor who passed away, and Christian and Stephanie. The auditorium was completely full and so many people had donated their time, as well as, goods to sell in the lobby. We scored a couple of the amazing cookies above that I can't bring myself to eat...they are just so beautiful.

It was fun to see cjane, Stephanie's sister, in real life and her husband, Christopher. He did the opening of the show with some fun questions and an explanation of where the nickname "Chup" {like soup} came from. He has a magnetic personality...but the whole family seems to.

The highlight of the evening was seeing the two little Nielson girls, Claire and Jane, singing The Beatles' song Golden Slumbers on stage. There is something so angelic about children's voices. I cried my eyes out watching those girls standing together, holding hands and singing. I knew their mom would be so proud to see them on that stage.

It was so incredible to see so many people come together for those that have touched our lives through tragedy. Somehow being there Saturday made all my anxiety about being a mom disappear....I felt inspired.

October 24, 2008


After last weekend's sign incident, I'm prepared for a similar event this weekend. Ironically, the above note was taped on the garage one day this week by a stranger, and it was such sweet validation.

We bought a back up sign, but I'll still be peering out the front window on a frequent basis...

Happy Weekend.

October 23, 2008

Anniversary Re-cap.

We celebrated our anniversary by dining at coup des tartes, a wonderful and quaint little french restaurant inside an old house in Phoenix. It was the best meal I've had in a while, finished off with the perfect decaf cappuccino and a few bites of an apple tart.

It was fun celebrating our anniversary while expecting our newest addition soon. It was amazing to reflect on how far we've come together, and exciting to think of the road ahead as we embark on raising a family.

{J.'s gift to me was a trip to the spa for a prenatal massage which I will be using ASAP...my back is officially killing me.}

October 22, 2008

Anniversary Love.

Happy Anniversary to my dear husband...

My life hasn't - nor will ever - be the same since you've been in it.

To take a trip with me down memory lane, go here.

October 20, 2008

The Willows.

One of my favorite stores, The Willows, happens to be down the street from my house and now has a blog. The owner posted pictures of her beach house retreat and I'm drooling that this really exists. I wish I could blow up the pictures so that I could soak up every single detail in that family room!

It would be my dream to get away and relax somewhere like this {sigh}.

*Update on signs* We did go to the headquarters today and replaced our stolen sign {and picked up another one just in case this is a repeat offense}. They told us we were like the 20th ones to say their signs were stolen yesterday. I guess there is a Obama sign conspiracy going on around town. I've become obsessed with catching someone in the act.

October 19, 2008

Why Sometimes I Wish I Lived On A Farm...

Today we ran to babies r' us and spent 2 hours figuring out what we needed before the baby comes. When we came home, someone had stolen our Obama sign from our front yard. I was tired, hormonal and pissed! I can't believe someone would come into our yard {in the middle of the day} and take something that doesn't belong to them. Our neighborhood is mainly McCain supporters, so we knew we might get some flak for putting the sign up, but this is ridiculous.

I'm going to the Obama headquarters tomorrow to get another one...

October 17, 2008


Here are a few things I'm feeling grateful for...

  1. A mom who recognizes my weakness, and in the last week has helped me organize my pantry, laundry room cabinets and living room.

  2. The fact that the stock market is closed on the weekend...otherwise my poor husband would really go crazy.

  3. Having a sweet french bulldog that now gets cold in the morning and spends his time cuddling with me in bed.

  4. Starting to see my doctor every week now...it's getting closer.

  5. Looking out my windows and seeing the winter grass growing green underneath our trees {the summer grass won't grow there, so it's usually just dirt}.

Have a Happy Weekend.

October 16, 2008


"The best indicator of whether a country does well is how it treats its girls and women."

-Democratic candidate Senator Barack Obama

That is my kind of leader....

October 15, 2008


Happy Birthday to my dad who turns 60 years old today.

  • My dad is a very charismatic person who people notice when he walks into a room.

  • He seems to be softening as he ages, and I think he is really excited about being a grandparent soon.

  • We share a lot of similar qualities. but are very different as well. I'm glad that I definitely get my sense of humor from him.

  • He is a very positive person who remains happy and optimistic despite the situation.

  • He always lets me know how much he loves me and is always there for me.

I hope you enjoy turning 60 today, dad. This year is going to be an exciting one!

October 13, 2008

And Shower Me, They Did...

I had such a lovely weekend with the most wonderful baby shower ever. I was amazed at the talent that came out of my friends with the incredible gifts they showered upon me.

Keri and Kaylie gave me these personalized onesies and burb cloths. They found the little cotton patches at a boutique and Kaylie sewed them onto everything...they are so special. Kaylie also embroidered a cloth with my son-to-be's full name. I am so impressed and love everything about it. I'm thinking of framing it...

Then my sweet friend Marissa, sent all the way from France, this amazing hand knit bunny hat. I was secretly hoping for one so badly after I saw the one she made for her son, Max. She made my day when I opened the gift. I can't wait to see my little guy wearing it!

Then my superwoman friend Laura {she has 3 children}, handmade everything she gave me. She made these adorable blocks with the initials of my baby boy...they are so cute! Then she made this huge blanket with 4 different fabrics on the front and soft chenille on the back. It's something I know I'll have forever. Lastly, she made the most beautiful, special photo book with initial on front and each page decorated perfectly. I could see it selling in a boutique for over $100...she is so talented.

These ladies made me feel so loved and excited about having a little boy soon. To see details from shower, go here.

October 10, 2008

Weekend Showers.

This weekend is my baby shower with my favorite people, my friend Tricia is coming to stay with me for 2 nights, and the weather is supposed to be perfectly 80 degrees...I am so excited.

Here is a little sneak peak of the party favors I've been working on this week. More pictures to come Monday.

Happy Weekend.

October 9, 2008


This picture makes me smile...high heels next to Huggies diapers.

I can only hope to be that chic come November.

October 8, 2008

Do the Right Thing.

Another great debate last night...no matter who you choose, please VOTE.

It's a privilege we are very lucky to have in this country.

October 6, 2008


I am feeling so grateful for....

  1. The bailout plan being passed by the House on Friday. It really would effect us all had it not.

  2. 80 degree temperatures this weekend with rain! I felt so refreshed.

  3. Finally buying drapes for our huge front window.

  4. Having my mom home from her 3 week trip to New England...and knowing she'll be home for awhile with her first grandchild's arrival approaching.

  5. Receiving my early voting ballot in the mail. I can't guarantee I'll be available to hit the poles on the 4th of November.

I also loved taking a pretend trip through Spain while watching this show. I just love Gwyneth.

October 3, 2008


"If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do well matters very much."

- Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

I've always admired how she managed to raise such lovely, down to earth children while living on Park Avenue. I've been thinking a lot about this view lately as I embark on Motherhood. I know I won't be perfect, but I feel like I am about to start the biggest and most important job of my life, and want to do the best job possible. I know this will be the hardest job I've ever had, but with such rich rewards. I hope to look back at the end of my life and feel that nothing mattered as much as the time, energy, discipline and love that I put into my children.