October 30, 2008

Life With Brooks.

For those of you who know me {in real life} know how much I adore my french bulldog, Brooks. He was our first "baby" and will always be a special part of our family.

His days consist of sleeping in our bed as long as he wants, going outside for some sun, and then sleeping the rest of the day until J. comes home from work and plays with him. He then eats dinner, gets a walk, and sleeps a little more on the couch. His life is perfect.

I'm getting really worried about how he'll handle an actual baby in the house...

Here is a picture of Brooks a few years ago for Halloween. I dressed him up as a witch. I made a deal with him that I wouldn't put him in a costume this year, as long as he is good when the door bell rings constantly with trick or treaters...here's hoping.