October 30, 2009

The Challenge.

I love this little guy to pieces, but this week has been tough.

He started the week by falling face first into the side of the tub resulting in a swollen/bloody lip. He has whined and cried every day wanting nothing but to be held. At play groups, he is pushing kids away from a toy he wants and takes it for himself. Yesterday he turned off the computer in the middle of me writing an email. Then last night he woke up and was awake from 10:30 pm till 2:00 AM!!! I finally threw him in the car and drove around our neighborhood for 20 minutes. By the grace of God, he finally fell asleep, but was back up at 4:00 and at 6:00.....it was HELL.

When people would say that being a stay at home mom was the hardest job in the world, I used to think, "what's so hard about it?". Now I feel ridiculous. It's the most challenging job I've ever had and it lacks the praise of traditional work . My husband and I have been "discussing" my need for more validation. Some days just feel lonely....

We had a play date at our friend's, who set up a little pumpkin patch for the kids. Harrison liked eating the hay like a little farmer. This was just minutes before he knocked a playmate to the ground for the walking toy he wanted. He's kind of becoming a little punk.

Happy Halloween.

October 20, 2009

Key to Life...

I love this quote sooo much and it hits me right where I'm needing it lately. I'm looking for a little more "happy" in my life. Nothing major, just the run of the mill life stress has gotten me a little blue lately.

I miss being young and having sleep overs with my friends and laughing until our stomachs hurt. I miss daydreaming out the car window while my mom drove me to dentist appointments after school. I miss eating whatever I wanted and not worrying about it.

Life gets so complicated and we lose simple happiness sometimes....I'm going to try and win it back.

October 16, 2009

Happy Friday.

I can't believe it's Friday already. I've been a non-existent blogger this week. Here's what I've been busy doing....

  • Attending first birthday parties for Harrison's friends.

  • Helping my husband pick out glasses {finally....he's needed them since I met him...8 years ago}.

  • Taking Harrison for daily walks.

  • Going to the Barneys grand opening party {I don't mind that I didn't make the best dressed list. I was just happy to be wearing mascara, lipstick and shoes that killed my feet}.

  • A Zoo trip with good friends.

  • Making Harrison's birthday invites.

While consistently chasing around an active, almost walking, 11 month old. That age shift happened Wednesday....we are now one month away from a year. I feel weepy every time I think about it.

It's supposed to be 100 degrees this weekend. Where are you Autumn???

October 9, 2009

Living and Loving.

Harrison loves this toy. It's his means to upright mobility right now. This toy makes it's rounds around our house constantly...all the while playing music. It has banged into every corner, runs over anything in it's path and brushes up against our custom baseboards. I secretly love the havoc it's wrecking.

This week has been so inspiring for me. Seeing Stephanie on Oprah and watching her strength and kindness left me in awe. She inspired me before her accident, and now she just has me utterly amazed. I loved hearing about the energy in her house {warm, relaxed, peaceful}....in the midst of so much going on. It's what I aspire to have for my family.

I used to be more uptight about things. Now in an effort to create a happy and relaxed home, I want the corners to get beat up and kind of like seeing scratches in the wood floor. It means we're living and having fun. I spilled coffee all over my {expensive} leather handbag on Wednesday and didn't even care. What happy freedom.

Besides, with a happy little face like this one, nothing else really matters.

Have a beautiful weekend....

October 7, 2009

Lovely Days.

The weather Gods have returned and I now feel chilly when I step outside at night {hurray!}. My whole attitude changes with the weather. When it's not 110 degrees, I feel more energetic, happy and pleasant to those around me.

I've had a sick little boy the past few days and it's so hard to watch him not feel his best. He is always so happy and bright, so when he's not, it hurts me.

I'll be parked in front of my TV this afternoon {don't call me at 3pm} watching two of my favorite people. See here.

October 1, 2009

Clean Slate.

I like to think that when a new month starts that it's like a blank slate to make changes. In October I resolve to...

  • Take nightly walks and enjoy being outside.
  • Spend less time on the computer and more time playing with Harrison.
  • Not go crazy eating Halloween candy.
  • Start being on time {I'm so sick of racing around....}
  • Call my grandfather more often.
  • Ask my husband about his day.
  • Less dreaming and more doing.
  • Clean up the mess at the end of the day.
  • Judge less and accept more.
  • Make time to be creative.
  • Regular deep breaths.
  • Choose happy every day.

October, I'm sooo glad to see you.

It's going to be 89 degrees today and Harrison and I are having a picnic at the park.