February 25, 2009

Boho Baby.

You know when you find a new blog, and you find yourself losing a whole day reading it? This has recently happened to me with boho girl. I stumbled upon it by reading another blog I love and seeing their family photos.

Upon further reading, I learned that this couple recently adopted this beautiful little boy after struggling with fertility for 4 years. The emotional journal entries regarding the process and the relationship with the birth mother left me in tears. Having just birthed a child myself 3 months ago, I have nothing but respect and amazement for this mother to do what she knew was best for her son. The first entry on the subject starts here under October 16 {for some reason I can't click on the exact date and post it}.

The story unravels from there and this beautiful boho family is born on November 22, 2008 when their baby, Cedar, entered the world. I cried when I read that the birth mother {who is referred to as K} had just given birth and tells boho girl "you're a mommy....go to your son".

What a heroic act of love. That is one lucky baby....not to mention completely adorable.

February 23, 2009

Life as a Mom.

When I came home from the hospital, I wasn't doing very well {physically or emotionally}. I was in pain and scared out of my mind. I knew that I needed time to figure this whole thing out without neighbors dropping by every 15 minutes, so I put a sign up that said "please don't ring bell or knock"...basically giving you no option. It worked and people started backing off and giving me the time necessary to become a mother.

It's taken 3 1/2 months of getting up in the night for feedings, comforting during the day, knowing what certain sounds mean and having him smile when I walk into the room to really feel like a mom. It was a process of falling for me and didn't just happen instantly {like I thought it would}. I doubted if this was even the right calling for me in the beginning.

I now love so much and so deep, I can't imagine anything better. Having Harrison not only brought a child to this earth, but birthed a mother in me as well. I feel different, happier, more confident and absolutely positive that this is my calling. There is a peace within my soul that has never been with me before.

Right now he lies peacefully in his crib while listening to lullabies, and I weep with joy when I go in to check on him. It is a true miracle to see what little person God had planned for you and what you'll learn along the way.

I secretly can't wait until he wakes up around 3 am, and I lazily get to bring him into bed with us for the night.

February 19, 2009

Blissful Evening.

I spent my Wednesday night indulging in the massage gift certificate J. gave me for Valentine's Day. It was heaven.

I didn't realize how tense certain parts of my body have been since having a baby, then carrying him around constantly. I fell into a blissful state of sleepy relaxation, then went to La Grande and had a salad, cappuccino and brownie....all by myself.

I haven't had an evening like that in 3 months and it was so fun to spend time alone and remember who "Nicole" was before I was Harrison's mother.

I felt as happy as this song....

February 17, 2009

One Lucky Girl...

My son officially turned 3 months old on Valentine's Day. He is the best gift my heart can hold. It definitely took me some time to grow into this new mother role, but the oxytocin {hormone released when you are bonding with someone} had led me to be head over heals in love. He has made me realize that I can push myself in ways I never thought possible...for someone who owns your heart.

I'm already dreading him having girlfriends someday, but at least for now he is all MINE.

February 12, 2009

Dreams Do Come True...

We have coveted this sectional for years. Before we remodeled and moved into our house, we wanted this sofa. We went to the Shabby Chic store in Chicago and got all the information to purchase...just in case. Unfortunately, it was always too expensive to justify when we had a perfectly fine sectional already. This was our dream couch, though.

Shabby Chic has sadly filed for Chapter 11 {Boo!} but are trying to just reorganize and scale down in order to stay afloat. Because of their current situation, some of their stores are closing and items are 50% off. Since I've been connecting with the Newport Beach store about possibly purchasing if they close, today they sold it to us for half off the retail price.

We'll have our new sectional in two weeks.

I'm speechless....and thrilled.

February 10, 2009


I'm feeling so grateful for....

  1. February and seeing red, pink and hearts everywhere.

  2. Having it rain the past few days....it feels like winter and it forces me to stay home and cuddle with Harrison.

  3. Becoming obsessed with The Office and renting all the past shows to watch when I'm up in the middle of the night.

  4. My wonderful friend, Marissa, whose birthday it is today {Happy Birthday!}.

  5. Surviving the first 3 months and now hearing Harrison giggle and belly laugh.

February 2, 2009

Say It Isn't So...

As a result of this darn economy...one of my all time favorite stores is closed for good. I'm so sad. I bought almost all my maternity clothes there {on sale, of course} and bought tons of things for Harrison to wear. Both local stores closed as of Saturday 1/31.

Good bye babystyle.