August 18, 2008


My heart is aching for one of my favorite people in the blog world. Stephanie and her husband Christian were in a small plane crash over the weekend and both are in critical condition. Although I don't know her personally, she was one of the first blogs I started reading religiously and one I never miss to this day. She is such an inspiration and, as a mother of four young children, makes the every day seem magical. Please join me in praying that she and her husband pull through this, and resume their adorable and wonderful life. For updates go here.

{I was going to complain today about my HOT and emotionally charged weekend, plus the fact that I had to sit in the doctor's office for 3 hours today to have my blood drawn every hour for a glucose tolerance test...but this puts everything in perspective.}

{Here is a picture of Stephanie and family that she shared on her blog from Easter.}

Update: Here is an article written in the Arizona Republic about accident.