June 15, 2010

In the Trenches and Dreaming of Picnic Baskets...

The past few weeks have consisted of a sick baby, a sick me, broken television, broken refrigerator, mom and dad both out of town, a husband obsessed with fantasy baseball and endless hours of thomas the train playing on the dvd player.   

Sometimes I see a bicycle picnic basket like this one, and I dream of living in a big urban city and getting away from it all.  I'd fill my basket with duck and decanter type sandwiches, gourmet chips and perfectly cold diet coke.  I'd peddle to a nearby park, sit under a big tree and read magazines till my heart's content.

Don't get me wrong...my little one owns my heart, but a little peace and quiet is attractive.  Some days while I'm running around "in the trenches", as I like to call it, I get a glimpse of who I was before I became a mother and I miss that creative, funny, carefree girl.  I know she'll be back one day and until then...I'll eat sandwiches with my miniature sidekick and treasure the days with him...quiet or not.

If anyone really wants this bicycle basket, it and many other goodies, are at kate spade's sample sale