August 9, 2010

Ending My Sabbatical.

I'm back from my spontaneous sabbatical where I gave myself time to regroup and recharge.  I've been feeling quite down the past few months, and just had enough in me to care for the important things.  I've been sad and very reflective lately.  I truly do trust God's plan, but faith is never without doubt and worry.  I've been blindsided a few times now, and the ground is feeling quite shaky.  However, I march on believing...

Luckily, God gave me a gem of a first born to get me through the heartache.  Harrison is so full of personality, fun and character that he keeps me on my toes and full of smiles. He is not without his challenges, but I'm so grateful he is mine, and know his strong personality will show up as something incredible someday. 

We just returned from an amazing vacation in Laguna Beach where my soul was refreshed by the ocean air and change of scenery.  It's a little unfair to come home to Phoenix in August, but I'll make the best of it.