May 28, 2010


Oh...what a week it's been.  J. has been out of town which means I've been a one man show with a crazy 18 month old.  It's been tantrum after tantrum, he threw a toy at our television {it's broke}, and today he froze all the registers at Safeway by hitting every button imaginable on the credit card machine.  It's time to be grateful....

1.  The way Harrison's eyelashes look in the bath...clumped together and beautiful.
2.  A husband who is involved and gives me a daily break {I've really noticed in his absence}.
3.  Sex and the City 2
4.  School is out...which means I have more friends to play with this summer.
5.  The swing that hangs from a tree in our backyard.  It's one of the only things that endlessly entertains Harrison.

My husband is home....happy weekend.