April 1, 2010


 Oh...what a few weeks it's been around here.  Last week was one of the most exhausting, challenging weeks I remember having in a long time.  I now have a child who screams and cries {full on tantrums} when he doesn't get what he wants, something is taken away from him, or I just can't understand him.  It's INSANE and there was a day last week that I thought might put me over the edge.  I'm trying to hold my ground as the one in control, but I have found myself tossing a toy into the shopping cart just so I could finish my trip in peace.  What happened to that sweet baby that cooed and cuddled?

In other news, our little neighborhood has turned Hollywood!  Will Ferrell is shooting a movie two streets away called, Everything Must Go.  There are cars lining the streets, a crane holding the camera while they shoot scenes and security everywhere.  Today Harrison and I walked over there, and Will Ferrell was being brought to the set right in front of us.  They'll be filming here for another 6 weeks for any friends that want to come and see the action.

Today is the beginning of April and that means the last month or so of playing outside, evening walks at 5:00 and play dates at the park.  I'm going to try and soak up every minute of it...

Happy April.