March 22, 2010


In an effort to amuse my son last night, I did a cartwheel in the backyard before dinner.  I excitedly kicked off my flip flops, walked into the grass and began with both hands on the cool ground.  He squealed with laughter and I felt so happy and free....until I landed and the pain radiating through my leg told me that I wasn't 12 years old anymore.

It got me thinking of how much I miss being 12 years old.  Unfortunately when I was young, I couldn't wait to be where I am now...older.  It so sad to think of all the time I wasted, wishing to be an adult.  The wonderful thing about having children is that you get to relive what you didn't appreciate the first time around.  Luckily I have the perfect kid to bring out the fun in me.

Here's to a wonderful week of practicing cartwheels....