January 14, 2010

My Buddy.

Harrison has been my best buddy the past few weeks.  About a month ago I was at my wits end with him.  He was waking up every night and wanting to play from 1:30 am till 3 am.  I was exhausted, fed up and starting to resent him.  I talked to the pediatrician, who told me what I already knew, that he needed to just cry and put himself back to sleep.  For a week we did sleep training {yet again!} and the result has been the past two weeks of sleeping through the night.  I feel rested, happy and in love with him all over again.

He currently says: mama, dada, dog, papa {my grandfather}, gaga {agua = water in spanish}, night night and no, no, no.  He is obsessed with cars and thinks almost everything I do is funny.  He starts to bounce every time he hears music and waves to everyone he comes in contact with.  He continues to blow my mind watching him develop, remember, speak and dance.

When I prayed for a baby, I had no idea that God would grant me such a gift as Harrison. 

ps...Can you believe his pediatrician told me that I needed to cut his hair?!?  He suggested I get him a buzz cut.  I just laughed and said "NEVER"!  I'm thinking of switching doctors...