January 13, 2010


My mom in 1955 at 5 years old.

Today is my amazing mother's 60th birthday.  For those of you who know me in real life, you know that my mom has had an interesting ride in life.  Her childhood was filled with abuse and neglect, yet she rose out of it like a phoenix {and a lot of therapy}.  She is an example of resiliency at its finest.

This blog isn't big enough to hold all the things I have to say about my mom.  If you knew her story and saw her today, she would truly amaze you.  Most people given her circumstances, end up in prostitution, addicted to drugs/alcohol, or in prison.  She was a single mom, most of my childhood, and raised me with the morals and values that have made me who I am today.  She got up every day to teach 3rd graders, then came home and helped me with my homework, made dinner and put me to bed.  And if I was sick in the night, she was there at my side. Now that I'm a mom...she is my hero. 

She and I have had our share of disagreements, have complete opposite personalities, and for a long time I didn't understand her at all.  Today as I look at who she is, woman to woman, I could cry at the beauty inside her.  God truly blessed her despite her trials.

At 60 she is happy, joyful, fun, inspiring and content.  For years this was all I prayed for her, and to see her  now is magical...

Happy Birthday Mom.