December 21, 2009

My Favorites.

Everywhere I look lately there are lists of favorites, so it got me thinking about my own favorites. This week I'm going to be sharing my lists of favorite things. Today I'm starting with my top 10 beauty musts. Please note that I don't take myself too seriously, and I'm far from a beauty connoisseur. These are just the things that help me feel somewhat put together....

1. Shu uemera eyelash curler. I've tried going days without curling my lashes and people usually comment on how tired I look. Now I never forget to take a quick 30 seconds to curl my lashes. It brightens your whole face.

2. Aviator sunglasses. Besides the fact that the AZ sun is beyond intense, I like to wear these like a hair accessory. Especially when I've thrown my hair in a ponytail...and I can plant them on top of my head. I have a pair of Kate Spades, but my next pair will be these classic Ray Bans.

3. "Diamond" stud earrings. The fact that diamond is in quotes should tell you that you can find a quality pair of cubic zirconia and wear them with pride. People always ask me if my pair are real and I just laugh and say, "it's a long story..." that usually confuses them and they stop asking. I put these on almost every day while wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt, or just running to the grocery store. It keeps your look polished without having to do much. Nordstrom has a good line of cz studs.

4. I have hereditary dark circles under my eyes, then add sleep deprivation into the mix...I can look downright scary. I NEVER leave the house, let anyone come over or show my face to anyone outside this house, without putting concealer under my eyes. It changes my whole look. The few times I haven't put it on because I was too lazy or caught off guard, I was constantly told that I looked like I wasn't feeling well. My favorite is Bobbi Brown beige.

5. Lancome definicils mascara is the only mascara that can make my lashes look practically fake. I've spent years trying a million different brands to try and avoid paying $25 on mascara, but I always come up short and go back to my old faithful.

6. I've shared before how much I love hair accessories. When I haven't washed my hair in a few days and I want to look presentable, I throw a jeweled hair clip on with anything I'm wearing and feel better. I just treated myself to a few of these lovelies at anthropologie.

7. My new favorite lotion is Yes to Carrots body butter. I've seen it for years and wondered what it was, but didn't try it until it was on sale at Target. Now I'm hooked! It has no parabens, phthalates, or animal products, does not test of animals and uses all organic fruits and vegetables in their products. I've also used the yes to tomatoes and yes to cucumbers lotion and they all smell incredible. It doesn't have that bath and body works strong fruity smell {which if I had to wear all day would put me in the nut house}, it's subtle, natural and fresh. I'm obsessed.

8. My husband bought me this Serge Lutens perfume for our recent anniversary. I saw it at Barneys and declared it just had to be my signature scent. It reminds me of French women and has a deep amber smell that I absolutely love. I mix it with some lighter notes of orange and vanilla to create a different smell as well. I will wear this for the rest of my life and my children will think of me whenever they smell it.

9. This 1 1/2 inch curling iron has been the best thing to happen to me since Baby Einstein videos. I can let me hair dry however, and then use this to curl my top layer. It looks like I've blown out my hair with a round brush and it's taken me a 1/3 of the time. I use the 1 inch smaller one sometimes for a dramatic look.

10. This bobbi brown lip gloss is always close at hand to throw on before I get out of my car. It has the perfect texture and the color is strong without being overbearing. I use the color brown which is like a brownish pink and mimics my natural lip color. I feel so confident when I'm wearing it.

Come back tomorrow for more favorites...