February 17, 2008

All That Glitters...

I am addicted to hair accessories {or any accessories for that matter}, and my collection was starting to overtake my bathroom. So...what's a girl to do except make her own barrette board? I cut a piece from a foam board, covered it in some fabric I had laying around, then stapled 3 rows of ribbons, hung it on the inside of my bathroom linen closet and viola...an organizing distaster averted. Now, I'll actually be able to see what rhinestone clip to put with what outfit. {I love them so much...I even wear them to the gym}.

The above collection does not include the following...

{Headbands that hang from magnifying mirror}

{Elastic hair ties, clips and claws in wicker and china bowls}

{Headband organizer I made a few months ago when that collection was overwhelming me}

I guess I can hold off on buying any new hair accessories....at least for a little while.