October 9, 2009

Living and Loving.

Harrison loves this toy. It's his means to upright mobility right now. This toy makes it's rounds around our house constantly...all the while playing music. It has banged into every corner, runs over anything in it's path and brushes up against our custom baseboards. I secretly love the havoc it's wrecking.

This week has been so inspiring for me. Seeing Stephanie on Oprah and watching her strength and kindness left me in awe. She inspired me before her accident, and now she just has me utterly amazed. I loved hearing about the energy in her house {warm, relaxed, peaceful}....in the midst of so much going on. It's what I aspire to have for my family.

I used to be more uptight about things. Now in an effort to create a happy and relaxed home, I want the corners to get beat up and kind of like seeing scratches in the wood floor. It means we're living and having fun. I spilled coffee all over my {expensive} leather handbag on Wednesday and didn't even care. What happy freedom.

Besides, with a happy little face like this one, nothing else really matters.

Have a beautiful weekend....