February 12, 2009

Dreams Do Come True...

We have coveted this sectional for years. Before we remodeled and moved into our house, we wanted this sofa. We went to the Shabby Chic store in Chicago and got all the information to purchase...just in case. Unfortunately, it was always too expensive to justify when we had a perfectly fine sectional already. This was our dream couch, though.

Shabby Chic has sadly filed for Chapter 11 {Boo!} but are trying to just reorganize and scale down in order to stay afloat. Because of their current situation, some of their stores are closing and items are 50% off. Since I've been connecting with the Newport Beach store about possibly purchasing if they close, today they sold it to us for half off the retail price.

We'll have our new sectional in two weeks.

I'm speechless....and thrilled.