September 15, 2008

Change is the Only Constant...

I remember being a little girl and yearning to be an adult. I couldn't wait to grow up and be married, have children and all the responsibilities of being older. Of course, now that I'm here...I often wish I was coming home from school to do my long division homework {which at the time was my biggest stress}. I don't deal well with change. I never have. I like things predictable and stable. Unfortunately part of being an adult is riding the merry go round of change. It's constantly there, no matter how hard you fight it.

This weekend brought about some changes in our little world. The financial market continues to be in disarray, and J's company was sold to help the stock from plummeting further. It brings about a lot of questions and uncertainty of what changes will come in the near future. All of this mixed with the huge life changing addition approaching, leaves me yearning for the days when I was too young to worry about things so serious.

As scary as change is for me, I trust the process and know that the merry go round always takes you where you are meant to be. I just hope the ride is short.