April 22, 2010

Saving the earth...and other projects.

Today is Earth Day and I'm going to do my part to help make this a better place for my son and his friends to live.  I always recycle, turn off running water, nurture our 80 year old citrus trees and always plant something new for today's purpose.  The earth is such a beautiful place to exist...we can all do a little something extra to show it our love.

I've been a busy little bee this week refinishing and painting furniture.  I'm finally transforming a little table set that I bought for Harrison a month ago.  I'm also painting some kid's adirondack chairs for a fundraiser I'm attending on Saturday.  I've been in heaven hanging out in the garage painting, while in a creative zone... listening to my own thoughts, as well as the sounds of the neighborhood {barking dogs, bus doors opening and closing, runners, kids on bikes}.  Pictures will appear as soon as I'm finished.

Enjoy the Earth today...

photo from flickr