March 15, 2010

My Job.

Just another day at the "office"

Reason why I love my job....
  • "Work" trips usually include parks, shopping malls, museums and friend's houses.
  • Meltdowns can be alleviated with a few animal crackers.
  • People are always willing to fill in for me.
  • I usually don't "clock in" until 8:00 am.
  • Naps are encouraged.
  • I don't get in trouble for talking too much or surfing the internet.
  • The pay isn't monetary but kisses, smiles and hugs keep me going.
  • I get a lot of support from other "departments" {friends, family, dr's, etc...}
  • Based on my title, I get to make life changing decisions.
  • My boss is very demanding, but every day he teaches me how to laugh and have fun.
Today was a challenging day in my role, so I needed a gentle reminder of just how
 wonderful I really have it.