February 28, 2010


Today we all made a trip to Costco.  Usually it's just Harrison and I, so J. was a spectator to the events that take place when you bring a 15 month old Costco shopping.  Harrison literally whined the whole time, tried to jump out of the cart, cried when he couldn't hold the babybel cheese, ran zig zags through the aisles and then threw his sippy cup on the ground as I'm trying to pay....it was a bad trip.

On our way out, J. was trying to reprimand Harrison for something and I said, "Can you believe that I usually have to do this by myself?"  to which he replied, "I have a lot of respect for you.  Sometimes I think it would be easier to go to Iraq and fight a war than to do what you do every day".  I smiled and said "thank you".  It was complete validation.