January 27, 2010


This picture of Jackie Kennedy warms my heart.  I love that she is wearing pearls and that she loves her son enough to let him pull and play with them.  Lately I've been feeling incredibly grateful to be a mom.  I take this job very seriously {but not in a fanatical way...we're pretty liberal around here} and think the role of a mother is so monumental in a little person's life.  I melt every time I see those two little hands reach up for me...it's my dream come true every day. 

 In other aspects, I'm feeling quite happy about...

  • The buckets of rain that we've been getting.  Some days I pretend that I don't even live in Arizona.
  • Starbucks now has one size bigger than a venti, called a trenta.  I can't wait to order my iced green teas in it come June.
  • Chips and salsa....I can't stop eating them lately.
  • All the goodness that people have shown to help the poor victims in Haiti.  I wish I could do so much more.