December 24, 2009

Favorites All Around...

Here are my all around favorite things that I wouldn't want to live without....

1. My family - Wouldn't want to do this life without them.

2. Personalized Stationery - I love how classic this is. I have a few different sets that I use constantly. I also have a set for Harrison that we use as thank you notes and birthday cards for little friends. The best deal I have found is here.

3. A good throw blanket - We have this in heather gray and it's what I'm wrapped up in every night on the couch.

4. Bathtub - After 5 years of living in our house, I finally have this tub installed in my bathroom. It is heaven.

5. Diptyque candles - Hands down, the best candles ever. This smell is divine and will permeate every crevice of your home. Made in Paris and never a synthetic ingredient added.

6. Pike Place coffee - What gets me going every morning with 2 tablespoons of cream.

7. Clorox wipes - These are an essential in our house. They quickly clean bathrooms, kitchens, doorknobs and disinfect after someone was sick.

8. Flip Flops - Growing up in Arizona, flip flops quickly become a part of your life. These are on my feet March through September.

9. L.L. Bean Tote Bags - My friend Carla gave one of these in navy to Harrison a while ago. It serves as everything from a diaper bag, beach bag to overnight bag.

10. Table Lamps - My favorite time of the day is dusk when all my table lamps start turning on {I have them on timers}. The light is soft and comforting.

11. Burts Bees lip balm - I end my day slathering this all over my lips. It feels amazing, is all natural and smells minty and fresh.


Merry Christmas Eve.