November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Gratitude.

This Thanksgiving, I'm feeling incredibly grateful for....
  • My true blue friends that I've known for years, and can trust to be there for me implicitly {you know who you are}.

  • Having one year of motherhood down, as a stay at home mom....I've never known such hard work.

  • For my sense of humor. I was at Target this week and laughed hysterically overhearing a little old man on his phone say {imagine a New Jersey accent}, " old dog....where you been all week?"

  • The values that my husband and I share. We have had our share of struggles lately, but the core of who we are is so similar that it keeps working.

  • Footed pajamas on my son.

  • The way my house smells {smells are a huge deal and can make or break an environment for me}.

  • Last, but not health. Never take for granted the fact that you can walk, run, pick up your children or hug your spouse.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.