August 11, 2009

Joining the Club...

One of my closest, dearest and best friends had her first baby, William, on Friday. It means so much to me because she told me she was pregnant when Harrison was just 5 days old, and I was newly home from the hospital. My hormones were raging and I started crying uncontrollably when she shared her news. I was so happy to know that she would get to experience what I had just embarked on and that she would join me in the "mommy club".

No one can prepare you for the instinctual, maternal, natural love that you will feel when you have a baby. It's been so hard for the past nine months to not be able to fully share with her my feelings on being a mom and the love I have for Harrison...because she just wasn't there yet.

Yesterday she told me that she is so in love. She said that every time she looks at him she can't believe that he is hers and that she gets to take him home. I'm so happy she is a part of the club now.

Congratulations Tricia....your heart is forever changed.

{Side note: Tricia and I are exactly 9 months apart and have known each other since 2nd grade....she is September and I'm December. Now William and Harrison are exactly nine months apart...August and November. Too weird.}