August 10, 2009


We've just returned from our first family vacation. It was exhausting. I naively brought books and magazines thinking there would be time to relax and catch up on reading. Without the conveniences of home, a trip with a 9 month old is anything but relaxing.

In addition our rental did not have air conditioning and it was unusually warm, which meant our dog Brooks came everywhere with us. Between Harrison and Brooks, J. and I felt like we were working nonstop {we kept joking saying, "nobody told us this was a work trip"}. The first few days were emotional because I was realizing that vacations as I knew them, were no longer a reality.

Luckily it was still wonderful to get away and see the ocean. Harrison enjoyed the beach and loved having Brooks with us constantly. We found our groove and by mid week and I found the joy in the new version of our vacations. We spent our time eating frozen yogurt, sipping coffee, watching the ocean, dining outside, shopping in new places....all with the people I love the most.

I've never been more excited to be home, though.