June 2, 2009


How is it June already? It was just Valentine's Day and then I blinked and here we are.

My days are filled with baby laughter, then crying {teething}, 45 minutes naps {wish they were 2 hours} and trying a whole new range of baby foods. I'm not partial to AZ summers and usually get depressed the way those that live in the Midwest get in winter. To keep my spirits up, here are some summer things that I'm looking forward to...
  • Harrison getting baptized {he has the best godparents} and it's a really good reason to get cake.

  • Taking small trips to CA with our new gang of 3 {4 including Brooks}.

  • That ridiculous show Wipeout that keeps J. and I laughing for an hour.

  • I miss the Housewives of NYC but the Housewives of New Jersey are doing their part to fill in the gaps...it's pretty hilarious.

  • Starting swim lessons with Harrison, infant massage, and baby sign language classes {I can not sit home all summer and feel sorry for myself that I live in an oven}.

  • Reading a few good books.

  • Two of my good friends having babies!

  • Watermelon.

  • Finally having a few frozen yogurt places close by. {I've been lobbying for years to get some yogurt shops in our area...now that they are here, you can't even find a place to sit!}

  • Hanging out at our new favorite neighborhood spot. If you ride your bike, the first pint is free {although I won't be riding my bike anywhere when it's triple digits}.

Happy June.