March 4, 2009

Today I Felt Like a Mother...

Harrison and I attended a playgroup today, and we lined up the babies on the couch to see their growth from the last time. Once everyone was in position and the bulbs starting flashing, my sweet baby looked for me in the crowd of moms. When he couldn't find me, he starting crying uncontrollably. I found myself waving my hands and saying "here I am!" but it didn't help...the crying continued. I excused myself through the photographers and picked my little peanut up and held him close. He had tears streaming down his face and it all stopped as soon as he knew I was near.

I officially felt like a mom...and the feeling was euphoric.

Last March I found out I was pregnant. Now it seems like nothing short of a miracle that I have this adorable baby to hang out with all day. {This coming the day after he was up every few hours in the night and drove me's not all a bed of roses...but definitely a bouquet}.