March 13, 2009

Springing Back...

I love Spring and all the flowers it produces, but my allergies have been killing me lately. My sinuses are one of my "weak" areas and always act up when my immune system gets low. Therefore, this week I've been tired and busy {I hate that combination}.

I've been busy...

  • Sleep training my baby to be on a schedule and comfort himself {basically listen to him cry for 20 min. while I sit in the other room must be done}.

  • Trying to "spring clean" and get rid of stuff that is unnecessary in my life.

  • Laundry, laundry, laundry.

  • Reading books.

  • Back to the gym this week {I finally worked up the courage to take H. to the nursery}.

  • Attend my parenting group and learn about social/emotional development...and try not to screw up.

  • Developing new friendships with moms like me.

  • Buying every allergy/cold medicine out there.

  • Dinners with family members and lunch with friends.

  • Giving Harrison raspberries on his belly and watching him laugh hysterically.

Here's to a happy weekend.