September 2, 2008

Building My Nest.

Nesting: v. 1. To create and settle into a warm and secure refuge. 2. A cozy, protected, or secluded place.

I've been feeling so boring lately. I woke up and realized that it was a holiday yesterday and didn't have the slightest desire to leave the house. In the past, I would've have at least 10 things on my agenda and would've been out and about all day long. I started to think, "What is wrong with me?" and then I remembered that I was 2 1/2 months away from bringing a new little being into this house and I was most likely nesting.

I love being home lately. I have the strongest desire to get everything around here in tip top shape before our new little bundle joins the crowd. I just know that I will feel so overwhelmed if things seem out of order here, and then I am caring for a newborn day and night on top of it. This is different for me. I was always in the business of "I'll get to that later...." but now I am the driving force behind dozens of projects around here.

So, I spent the good majority of my weekend reorganizing, putting things aways and getting rid of things. It feels so good and fulfilling...knowing that soon my life will be anything but boring. I hope that after I get my bearings with my new situation, I will have the same old desires to go out and see the world the way I used to. Honestly, I don't think my husband would have it any other way.

Side Note: {I'm still totally excited to have J. home. It was blissful to have him with me all weekend as we got stuff done around the house. I didn't even mind when he complained that the kitchen table was a mess. It meant that he was home. I'll actually miss him when he goes back to work today...}

Happy September...Yeah!