July 25, 2008

Lucky Bunny.

Last night Brooks and I were in the backyard and I heard noises coming from the pool. At first I didn't think much of it, but then I noticed that the sound was moving and coming from different locations. I looked closely and saw something little swimming along the perimeter of our pool. At first, I thought it was one of the dreaded rats and ran inside and yelled for J. and he got the pool net and scooped it up.

He then motioned to me to come and look and exclaimed "It's a baby bunny and he is exhausted." The poor little thing just laid in the pool net catching its breath after swimming for who knows how long. We agreed that just a little longer and our little friend wouldn't have made it. J. put it in the grass where it came alive again and ran into the bushes. J. and I were so happy that we contributed to saving this little life and I am so happy I actually paid attention to the noises in the pool. We have about 3 bunnies in our yard a day, and we've trained Brooks to coexist with them so he leaves them be to eat our grass, snooze in the shade and be happy.

Hope your weekend is as good as this bunny's.