February 7, 2008


I love Nate Berkus...Oprah's design guru. He has the most fabulous sense of style and is so darn adorable! I love that he incorporates personal warm objects into the most high profile, stylish homes. On a segment he did for the Oprah show once, he said that in his house, it's important to design so that the dogs can still be a part of the home (bed, couch, etc.)...I love this about him. He creates spaces that feel like warm and personal,which is so imporant...being in a house that feels like a model home gives me the creeps. Here are some examples of Nate designs I adore.

Sometimes I go here while sitting at the computer and just listen to parts of his radio show on XM radio. He has the best personality, too.

{Edit: I saw today that on Monday, Nate is going to be on Oprah building a dream house...I can't wait!}