January 4, 2008


I watched the most moving indie film last night while everyone else was asleep. I love that time of night and treasure those moments of solitude...all to myself. I've always been a night-owl, so I started the movie at 11pm, finished around 1am, and then proceeded to cry until around 2am. Something about this film just made me weepy and I couldn't stop. I had always wanted to see it when it was in theatres, but of course never got around to it, so I rented it a few days ago and waited for the perfect opportunity to absorb it. I absolutely adore Keri Russell, and have loved her since my days of regularly watching Felicity.

If you haven't see this movie, I urge you to immediately go to Blockbuster and rent it. Here is the trailer to give you a taste, but it really doesn't do it justice. It has a great ending...which is one of my crucial barometers of a good film.