January 28, 2008

The Postman Always Rings Twice.

Every time we get packages that won't fit in our mailbox, the mailman brings them to the door, and I always know it's him because he rings the bell twice. It used to annoy me, then I realized it's a great way to identify who it is before I even get to the door. Today when the bell rang (twice) I expected our usual mailman, but it was someone filling in for the day, and he rang twice too. Which made me think, "Is this in their postman handbook?". Then I realized I've heard this phrase before, and apparently there is a book and two movies with this title. Does your postman always ring twice? Now, I'm wary of any that don't...

By the way, here are some fun things the nice man brought to my door today:

Adorable card from Tricia & Steve announcing their recent move,

A biographical memoir of pictures by Jackie Kennedy Onassis' sister Lee Radziwell,

and a book on John and Caroline Kennedy. I am Jackie obsessed and love to know how she raised her children to be so lovely...