January 17, 2008


I think I've officially come down with the January blahs...so here are some things that are making me feel happy....

Dreaming of summer at the beach in a cottage...reading my favorite book.

  • Peonies in glass jars.

    Watching French children play with push boats in the gardens. They use a stick and just push it from one side of the water to the other...so simple and beautiful to watch.

    Julianne Moore.

    They say you always want what you can't have, and her stark differences to mine always make me green with envy....I would love to be able to wear that shade of red lipstick.

    French Chateaus.

    Knowing that Sprinkles Cupcakes is coming to my neighborhood soon...they are to die for!

  • French Bulldog puppies and protective mothers. I would have a house full if my husband let me.

    Knowing that Valentines Day is less than one month away...

  • Now please excuse me while I go back to nursing my most recent cold & cough with hot tea and Martha Stewart.