December 6, 2007

Neighborly Love.

I finished up a little project tonight for all the neighbors on our street. We are so lucky and have the best neighbors with a lot of little ones. Like clockwork, every day after school, kids are out in the street playing football, riding bikes, or, like in my front yard the other day, throwing grapefruits at each other (grrrr). I love the energy of hearing children playing and laughing every afternoon....and so happy they are not all inside playing video games.

After x-mas last year, I bought tons of wrapping paper on sale for this years little gift. I stole this idea from Keri, after she received it last year from someone at school.

Each neighbor is getting 2 rolls of wrapping paper,
with this note tied with ribbon...

It's such a great gift, because who doesn't need wrapping paper for the holidays? If you like it, go ahead and steal it...your neighbors will thank you.