February 12, 2010

Happy Day.

Music is a big deal to me and Harrison has kept the ball rolling with his love for it, as well.  We usually have Nick Jr. {formally Noggin} on in the morning during breakfast.  When this video sporadically comes on between cartoons, I stop whatever I'm doing and sing it with Harrison.   I love this song to begin with, and the video they made to go with it...makes it just precious.

I know that Valentine's Day is geared towards romantic love, but this year I can't help but reflect on the unwavering love between parent and child.  I honestly never knew love the way I do now with Harrison.  It's the most unselfish, unconditional, unbreakable love I've ever known.  There is nothing he could ever do to make me stop.  I'll be spending my weekend kissing him over and over...

Happy Valentine's Day