September 14, 2009


I use movies like medicine. After every break up from high school into college, I religiously watched When Harry Met Sally. Something about the dialogue and humor surrounding a love story, kept me hopeful and alive in the midst of pain. When I was in labor with Harrison, there was a dvd in the room, so we watched The Holiday until I received my epidural. Listening to the sweet and funny tone of this movie, calmed me enough to hold out to 3 centimeters {I'm a wimp}. This weekend The Holiday was on TV and as I watched it, the same calm feelings came back to me. This is probably going to be my labor and delivery movie.

Here is one of my favorite scenes from the it if you have 8 1/2 minutes to kill. I love around 6:09 mins {what I wouldn't give for a little girl with an English accent!}...

If you haven't yet seen this movie, watch will make you happy. My only complaint is that I wish Jude Law was like this in real life.