July 22, 2009


My attitude has been a little sour lately, so here's a list to remember what I'm grateful for...

  1. My husband and his devotion to our family.

  2. That I woke up yesterday to rain and thunder.

  3. Friends with kids who can relate to the joys and frustrations of motherhood.

  4. Learning that swimming in the afternoon helps Harrison sleep 12 hours straight.

  5. Watching NYC Prep and knowing my kids will never be that obnoxiously rich and arrogant at 17.

  6. That I have a healthy and active son {who also enjoys watching Noggin...thank God}.

  7. Iced lattes.

  8. How fun it is to live here September through May.

  9. Hearing Harrison say "Dada" for the first time last Tuesday.

  10. Having Yogurtland coming to my neighborhood next week.