April 20, 2009

What a Monday...

If I could edit this day out of my calendar, I probably would. Here is the Reader's Digest version of my Monday....

  • Harrison wakes up at 2:00 am and stays up for an hour.

  • Painters come over at 8:30 am to start taping, putting plastic everywhere and painting.

  • Harrison only takes a 20 minute morning nap {usually 2 hours}.

  • Brooks throws up because he is overexcited that the painters are here putting plastic everywhere.

  • We have no internet connection all day because of painting being done in office.

  • I accidentally back up into one of the painter's cars. His car is fine...my bumper is scratched and missing paint. {Luckily husband is kind and understanding}.

  • Harrison cries at every person who tries to say hi to him.

  • Try to call Cambodia to talk to mom and end up talking to someone for 15 minutes just trying to spell the last name...still didn't talk to her.

  • As unlocking front door, stroller rolls away on it's own, and it and Harrison fall off our first step. {He is fine...I now highly advocate Peg Perego car seats}.

  • Painters didn't paint all the trim correctly.

  • Harrison screams/cries at the top of his lungs all through dinner.

  • J. gets on my case that the house is a mess.

  • I finish the day by going to La Grande at 8:00 pm for a brownie and eat the whole thing before I get home...now I feel sick.

Here's to a better Tuesday.

To see what the painting fuss is all about...go here.