March 24, 2009

This Bites.

Today when I went to pick Harrison up from the nursery at our health club, I encountered an upset baby. He is usually so jovial and happy when I get him, so I figured he must be hungry. Then the person in charge {who was holding Harrison and comforting him} told me that a little 1 year old boy had just bit him.

I burst into tears. I wasn't prepared to feel such sadness at the idea of someone hurting my little Harrison, and me not being right there to protect him.

He was totally fine and it didn't even break the skin, but I could see little teeth marks on his teeny, tiny index finger. Everyone was very sweet and apologetic at the nursery, which really is an exceptional place to bring a baby. I cried the whole way home as I told the story to J. and my mom. We got home and I opened the back door to get Harrison's car seat...he was smiling and giggling away. I haven't stopped kissing or hugging him all day long, and I know this is the first of many similar situations.

Now, I just have to teach him to bite back.