November 11, 2008


I'm having a challenging week....

I feel stressed, anxious, weepy, tired, achy, rushed, freaked out about being a mom soon and just generally irritated. Some of it is can be contributed to hormones and some of it is just my state of mind. Change scares me....even if it's the best kind of change imaginable...I don't do well with it. I guess I'm anticipating the change about to take place in my life, and feeling terrified to take a leap into the unknown depths of motherhood.

Luckily I saw this picture today on one of my regular blog reads, and it reminded me of when Brooks was a puppy. I was so nervous to bring him home and start our lives with a dog at that time. I remember having a million concerns about how our lives would change when he was living inside these walls. As it turns out, he has ended up being one of the best things for us, and has enriched every experience we've had with him.

I know the experience of having a child is going to be even better. It's what I've wanted my whole life. Plus, Brooks is so high maintenance...a baby is going to seem like a piece of cake.