August 28, 2008

Motherly Sacrifice...

I guess God is trying to prepare me for the intense task of sacrifice in motherhood. Last week I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, and it's been a challenge so far, to say the least. I spent the first few days crying that I couldn't have cake at my shower {or sugar in general, for that matter}. Now I'm crying because no matter what I do right {diet, exercise, deep breaths} my blood sugar is still higher than it should be. I feel like I am living someone else's life right now. I've never had to, nor thought I'd have to, prick my finger multiple times a day and read the numbers on a glucose meter.

Despite my frustration, I am comfortably reminded why I am doing this, and why it so important, when I feel those little kicks from within. I know this sacrifice is going to be worth every moment of deprivation and angst when I have a son, and the mother in me is born for the first time. The past week has been an incredible reminder of sacrifice for another, and going without for the good of someone else. I know in my heart this is all a blessing in disguise, and was brought to me to teach me something I wouldn't have learned otherwise.

Now...only 86 more days to go.