July 9, 2008

Brooks On Vacation.

He enjoyed smelling the cool breeze, just sitting in the grass and hanging out in the Adirondack chairs. We love taking him with us and he has become such an amazing traveler. Everywhere we take him, people comment on him. On multiple occasions I've had people ask if they could just take a picture of him, and he loves the attention. Kids are like magnets towards him...they think he is Stitch from Lilo and Stitch.

We took him with us shopping at Fashion Island, and while I was inside the stores, Brooks drew quite a few girls over to chat with J. In fact, as we were walking to the car, J. told me that if he was ever single again {not likely} that he would just get a french bulldog and hang out at the mall.

I love that dog and all the magic he carries with him.