May 5, 2008

What is Going on in the Backyard....

This weekend while tending to the flowers and plants in our backyard, I took some photos of those that are making me proud...and the one that isn't.

The white roses are so open...they almost look fake.

I bought this rose tree a year ago when it was half dead at target for 50% off.

The petunias are multiplying daily all around the pool.

The gardenia bushes are blooming and they smell amazing...

...and then there is my poor rose bush that doesn't seem to be doing so well. I need to clip off a few leaves and take them to the nursery for some medical intervention.

And last but not is the salvaged french banquet table that I bought a year ago as a work table. J's brother was able to cut the legs down 2 inches and we are now using it as an outdoor table for 10. I love the idea of family gathered around while listening to french music on a lovely night...

Happy Monday.