March 14, 2008

Sweet Nephew.

Diego on our wedding day getting help with his tie.

My nephew, Diego, is on spring break this week so I jumped at the chance to watch him while he's off from school. He is the sweetest 9 year old boy I've ever known and being with him doesn't make me afraid to have children. He rides in the car with me while I run errands and asks thought provoking questions like, "Is is true that people will die if all they eat is sugar?" and "Is there more than one radio station?" He opens and holds the door for me wherever we go, and he told me to go rest when I told him that my stomach felt weird. I took him to see the movie, College Road Trip yesterday and we giggled through the whole movie together. I can't wait to see who he is when he's older...he's going to melt a lot of hearts.