February 13, 2008

Social Experiment...

Most of my neighbors belong to the local country club....we don't. When it was one of my neighbor's birthdays she chose to have a "ladies lunch" at the club and invited me. I have to be honest, I felt a little weird going to this exclusive establishment, and was feeling a little nervous having lunch with mostly strangers in tennis outfits. Everyone was certainly nice and pleasant...talking about their children, cleaning ladies, private schools, etc. {Honest...you can't make this stuff up} and made me feel welcome with their chatting. I just mostly listened and stared out the huge window at Camelback Mountain...dreaming of France.

The server broke up the bill individually, and when she handed my bill to me, I started to get out cash and a few of my neighbors at once said, "Oh! We have yours..." I was confused and asked my neighbor sitting next to me "Can't I pay with cash?" and she explained that "No, you have to be a member of the club to pay". It was sooo weird. I came home and told J. about the experience and we concluded that we are not country club people...we'd rather picnic in the grass.