January 7, 2008

Sweet Kate.

I've always loved Kate Spade....almost to the point of stalking her. When I used to work at a job I loathed, I would call her office in New York, after 5pm EST (when I knew no one would answer) to hear her voicemail and dream of working for her. I know...scary.

She always embodied so much of what I loved and stood for, so when she opened a store here in Scottsdale, I was 1st in line to work there. Unfortunately, retail is not my forte, but I did get some amazing experiences while working there. I met some incredible people, a few I am still very close with today, fresh flowers - such as peonies and hydrangea -were flown in for display twice a week, I have many classic staples - thanks to my generous discount of 50%, and I was able to meet her twice...a definite highlight of my existence. She is stylish, amazingly nice and has the greatest raspy voice. I will never forget her telling me that my hair clip "looked adorable in my hair". When I read this on her website, I knew she was still one of my heroes.