December 21, 2007

Things I Love About My House...

1. You can hear the church bells chime every hour from the Catholic church about 3 miles away.

2. Everyday there are bunnies playing in the backyard.

3. Old people in neighborhood who don't want to see it change...inspiring to see people stand for something.

4. We bought it from Hazel, the original owner, who paid $22,000 in 1957.

5. Old man across the street still calls me Mrs. Ladner.

6. Families riding beach cruisers are an everyday occurrence.

7. The history of our neighborhood being a citrus grove is the 1920's.

8. In Spring, the orange blossoms are so fragrant that when you drive through the neighborhood, it's all you can smell.

9. The birds that hang out on the telephone wires in the backyard, and sing all afternoon.

10. We were able to choose every single detail of this house, therefore it's completely an expression of us.

Just for fun here are a few of my favorite houses in our neighborhood....