December 9, 2007

The Holidays.

Today, J. and I did our first official full day of holiday shopping. We started at 10:00 am and finally settled in at 7:00 pm (sigh). It was exhausting, fun, crazy and festive. Here are some of my observations about the general public from today....

I enjoy:
  • Friendly people who say "Merry Christmas".
  • People who hold the door open for you.
  • Fun and laughter while doing x-mas shopping.
  • Seasonal salespeople who are so nervous, they are overly nice to you.

I don't enjoy:

  • Crabby drivers who won't slow down for people walking across the parking lot.
  • Shopping carts left in the middle of aisles by inconsiderate shoppers lingering around.
  • People who cut in line at Starbucks.

I crossed many names off my list today, and besides the anxiety attack in Target at 11:00 am, and then again at 1:00 pm in Michaels...sweating to death in Old Navy....and going to 4 different stores for J's clients x-mas was a good day.