December 4, 2007

The "It's OK" List.

In every issue of Glamour magazine, there is a page that reads, "It's OK...." at the top. There are then bulleted points following with quilt-free permissions to not be perfect. Since the holidays are quickly approaching, I've made my own list to get me through.

It's OK....

  • If you're not stressed.
  • To be the last one on the block to put up christmas lights.
  • If the food at the party is the only reason you are excited to go.
  • To have three cappuccinos in one day, as long as the last one is decaf (I actually did this the other day!)
  • To focus on one thing at a time and whatever doesn't get done....well, it just doesn't get done.
  • To indulge your sweet tooth a little more this month.
  • To wish someone else would clean up your mess after wrapping gifts.
  • To find yourself getting sentimental at the end of A Charlie Brown Christmas, when they all sing around the x-mas tree.
  • To walk by the salvation army representative, ringing the bell in front of a store, and not dig into your wallet for change.
  • To actually enjoy the holiday season....after all, isn't that what it's all about?

Let's enjoy this Merry Season guilt-free...